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Why Is 1 Not A Prime Number Or Composite Number

Date: 10/06/97 at From: Doctor Rob Subject: Re: The number 1 and zero One is neither a prime nor a composite number. A prime. Note that even Euclid's proof fails if one does not take care to exclude 1 in the crucial step of the argument: if there were only a finite number of primes, then their.

These papers survey the history of the concept of prime and of the number one. It may surprise you to learn that for most of history one was not even considered.

Example: 6 can be made by 2×3 so is NOT a prime number, it is a composite number as a Prime, but now it is not: 1 is not Prime and also not Composite.

Why some people say it's not prime: It doesn't have exactly two positive divisors. Try these problems: Yes No Can a composite number, times a prime number.

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