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What Is Hierarchical Diffusion

Hierarchical diffusion is how an idea or new innovation spreads from one place to another and usually involving a person of high authority. An example of hierarchical diffusion is the religion of Christianity. This religion had spread from Jerusalem during the Roman Empire all the. Hierarchical Diffusion. Difficult. Which is an example of hierarchical diffusion? Elimination Tool. A. Hip-hop music spreading from the inner cities to the suburbs .

Expansion Diffusion, the spread of a feature from one place to another in an additive process. Hierarchical Diffusion, the spread of an idea from persons or. It's the passing down of information from a higher level to a lower level. It's the way news is spread. For example, the President makes a speech. This kind of proliferation is known as spatial diffusion. The three main types of this phenomenon are expansion diffusion, stimulus diffusion, and.

Expansion Diffusion. This occurs when an idea or trait spreads from one place to another. Kinds of Expansion Diffusion. Hierarchical Diffusion – spread of an.

Expansion diffusion: spread of a feature in a snowballing process; happens 1 of 3 ways: hierarchical diffusion, contagious diffusion, stimulus diffusion.

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