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What Is A Sun Solaris Wiki

Solaris is an operating system created by Sun Microsystems in It was created to run on their workstations (but it can be used on most modern PCs) and is. In , AT&T Corporation and Sun this point Sun began using the marketing name Solaris.

Solaris Containers (including Solaris Zones) is an implementation of operating system-level . of the Solaris Containers technology and the actions and implementation at Blastwave resulted in a followup by Sun Microsystems marketing.

Solaris, a Latin word meaning "pertaining to the sun", may refer to: Contents. 1 In arts and entertainment. Literature, television and film; Music; Video.

The SPARC Enterprise series is a range of UNIX server computers based on the SPARC V9 architecture. It was co-developed by Sun Microsystems and Fujitsu, and introduced in . Operating systems[edit]. SPARC Enterprise models are licensed to run Solaris 10 and Solaris

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