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What Is A Clin Contract Line Item Number

Contract Line Item Numbers (CLIN) (FAR Part ) are part of a defense contracts that break the contract down by the commodities being. Federal contracts are typically funded at the contract line item (CLIN) level. A CLIN is a line in your contract, typically found in Schedule B, which lists the services.

Contract Line Items (CLINs) specify products or services being procured Government requisition and appropriation data against the CLIN are. A contract line item number is used to specify the commodities being acquired for traceable accounting classification on a federal government contract. A CLIN is. Traceability of funds from accounting systems to contract actions is.

No contract line item shall contain a quantity less than the number of deliveries anticipated on the line item. Contracting officers shall consider.

The Contract Line (CLIN) and Sub-line (SLIN) structure is used in CLM A Contract Line captures information about the item(s) or service(s) to be procured in the The first 4 digits of the SLINs are populated with the parent CLIN number.

How is Contract Line Item Number abbreviated? CLIN stands for Contract Line Item Number. CLIN is defined as Contract Line Item Number very frequently. Description: This report provides a listing of Contract Line Item Numbers (CLINs) CLIN. clin elin. The Contract Line Item Number identifies each supply or. Firm Fixed Price Contract Line Item Number (CLIN) Template one; or you can price on a monthly basis as well—indicate number of months in qty column].

English term or phrase: Contract Line Item Number (CLIN). رقم البند الئريسي في العقد؟ أريد أن أتأكد من صحة هذة الترجمة. Some key points to remember when using ELINs to identify IUID-qualifying items are: ▫ Establish a contract line item number (CLIN) for the end. Policy Guidance for Proper Line Item Structure. The following policy references provide guidance related to proper construction of Contract Line Items.

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