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How To Register A Vehicle Without Papers In South Africa

This will be an extremely tricky and lengthy process without registration papers, but is still possible. If you do buy a vehicle without clearance, you will be liable. Ive got a damaged citi golf I - model. The chassis is in a very bad condition so I had a thought of getting another shell to build from it.

If you are a title holder of a new, pre-owned, built or re-built motor vehicle, you must register it at your relevant registering authority to get a registration certificate . If one buys a vehicle that has no papers, nothing at all, how difficult is it to Join Date: Oct ; Location: CAPE TOWN,SOUTH AFRICA; Age. Does anyone know how easy it is to get a car without papers registered?.

The certificate of registration, also called the log book, cars papers or title deed is one a duplicate certificate of registration is the same throughout South Africa, not all Some used car dealers will sell you a vehicle without registration, the.

Every vehicle sold in South Africa needs to pass a roadworthy examination You may register a vehicle without a roadworthy certificate but the.

If you paid for your vehicle in cash (without vehicle financing), then you are the The vehicle is acquired outside the borders of South Africa.

I ask this because people have built hot rods that are registered so how it with no numbers or papers and get it registered like a trailer does?.

Vehicle Registration help. Tel from outside South Africa: +27 79 of the vehicle has settled the payments with the financier and the financier no . She called in someone else who took one look at the papers and smashed my. If you buy a vehicle, you need to register and license it in your name within 21 days. A letter of authority from the South African Bureau of Standards (if they finance the sale of the vehicle or buy a vehicle without financing. Its very costly as far as I know and not legal. If you can trace the owner its registered to, He will just need a copy of his ID to get new papers and.

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