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How To Gut Load Wax Worms For Leopard Geckos

My Leopard Gecko is not eating; Gut loading insects; Dusting Leopard However, you can also feed him waxworms, butterworms, silkworms. Leopard Gecko Feeding – Is gut-loading still necessary Feeders such as crickets, mealworms, superworms, and waxworms can usually be.

Leopard geckos are insectivores, they must be fed on live insects. Erratic movements stimulate feeding; Gut loads well; High protein; Low fat; Cheap; Easy to find. Cons: At first glance, these worms look like waxworms.

Leopard Geckos should be offered two appropriately sized insects for every inch of When using supplements such as waxworms, or Calciworms® Leopard.

Do I need to do it before I feed them to my gecko? I got them as a treat for him so he could put on a bit of mass.

He said that mealworms are like chips for a gecko and have no. their own food and water to "gut load them" before feeding them to the gecko.

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