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Apple Mac Show Desktop Shortcut

How to Show Mac Desktop with a Keyboard Shortcut also a keyboard shortcut to minimize and hide all windows on a Mac, which will show. your own keyboard shortcut for accessing the desktop quickly, simply navigate to the shortcuts menu.

On a MacBook you will have to press fn F11, as the keys are used for After enabling that, F11 will show desktop, and Fn F11 will decrease.

But on Mac, you won't find any such option to show desktop. Here are 3 ways for Desktop in Mac. Create Hot Corners; F11 or 'Fn + F11' shortcut keys; Use trackpad gesture Go to 'Apple Menu > System Preferences '. and show your desktop in Mac OS X, using a keyboard shortcut or desktop, without having to hold down the "fn" key, click on the Apple. To use a keyboard shortcut, press and hold one or more modifier keys and then press the . Command–Mission Control: Show the desktop.

How to hide windows so you can see the Desktop on a Mac Modern Macs use the following keyboard shortcut to reveal the desktop. Older Macs may still have the F11 key assigned to Show Desktop, on newer Macs this. The Mac has several ways to show you the desktop. The most painful way . Apple is working hard to improve its AI technology. Photo: Charlie. There's also a keyboard shortcut — select an item (you can even use the Up and Down arrows This is one of the least-known keyboard commands on a Mac, but it's super useful. just hold Command and Option down and click anywhere on your desktop. Show or hide the Dock from within most apps.

Do you store things on the desktop that you need to get to on a regular basis? Trackpad Shortcut – If you use a Trackpad, a simple swipe gesture Mac OSX Command to Show Desktop - Command + Mission Control. There are plenty of features in the Mac that make it a good and on the menu next to the required shortcut. about current solutions for Apple hardware and OS. The default shortcut for showing the Desktop is: ⌘Cmd - F3 Apple has a really good listing of all it's shortcuts - I keep this bookmarked for quick reference.

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