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Why You Should Date A Stoner Girl Quotes

Simply put, by dating a stoner girl – you'll always be laughing. And what more could you really ask for? With regard to relationships, laughter. When you are dating someone who begins to spend excessive time and money on See one woman's story: I Smoked Marijuana for Love. 4.

they don't have to fit any type of stoner girl stereotype. just a regular girl who . Quote Originally Posted by 2RDEYE View Post. pros: chill as fuk.

Why stoner girls are awesome: Stoner Humor, Weed Humor, Humour, High Quotes .. 24 Things Everyone Who Smokes Weed Will Understand Weed Recipes, Funny . dating or at least maintaining a good relationship with a # stoner chick. Stoner quotes · When you have no alternative but to truly see who you are, will you like .. weed qoutes with pics | Girl Weed Quotes Tumblr I16 | Funny Weed If you wanna marry me the stoner chick xD. Courtney Lujan. Her liking weed isn't a deal breaker for me. But if her idea of having fun is just smoking and watching television all day, then no I'm not.

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