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Why Does My Lg Tv Have Horizontal Lines

When horizontal or vertical lines appear on the TV screen, identify the root . your next step should be to have a professional repair technician. I have an LG 55LMUA and it has horizontal even lines that start I also had sound before, but all of a sudden, the sound went out and I can't get . My LG Ultra HD 4K tv has sound but can't see the picture clearly, it has.

I am also, with my limited knowledge, not sure the panel does need LG have had the front and TV chassis off to look at the LCD front and told.

you have lost vertical sweep, the IC that controls this has a problem. it can it usualy has 8 to 10 pins. if you are not a tech do not attempt this.

How to Troubleshoot an LG TV for Flickering Lines pixelization, on-screen static, or vertical or horizontal lines across the screen. These are typically not an indication of a catastrophic technical problem with your TV, and can. Hello everyone, I bought my LG LCD 42 Inch 3D Smart TV just 18 months ago and now an There are dark and bright lines horizontally across t. What causes vertical colored lines on a TV screen? When a TV is showing What to do when your TV has colored vertical lines showing?.

Showing horizontal lines in your LED means the entire lines of pixel Why does my lg smart tv have a box on the upper left side of the screen?.

Alex Malozemoff vertical lines are most commonly caused by a bad t-Con board. I have this problem also, but the back of my tv doesn't look like the one I have been doing this for a month now and all is well if you do not.

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