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Tycho Live Show Review

Home/LIVE REVIEW: Tycho @ The Greek Theatre . their music conjures for the average person, creating a backdrop for the show that was a. Since emerging on the scene, Tycho has evolved from a singular to a plural, and from an electronic, ambient experiment to a live audio-visual.

While many would assume a Tycho concert would make you drowsy — especially if you partake in the legal herb around here — it did the.

“How do you dance to this?” A lanky concert-goer in front of me asks his friend. “ However the hell you want!” the friend responded. He stretched. Photo: Albert Testani. Trinity Centre | In live performances, Tycho, the musical incarnation of San Fransisco-based artist and musician. It wasn't until after the completion of Dive that Hansen enlisted live band support on the regular, but with every performance they get closer to a.

The rise of electro melancholists Tycho has been steady but invisible. The California band's sell-out show at District 8 felt like the gathering of. American post-rockers Tycho hit Manchester's iconic Albert Hall. A Tycho concert has a lot in common with a psychoactive drug: Shared side effects include diminished neurotransmission, hypnosis and.

Tycho October 4, Brooklyn Bowl. Bay Area post-rock/electronic act Tycho had only performed live in Las Vegas once before, and that minute.

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