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Ipod Classic Freezes When Adding Music

debbie, place your Classic into diagnostics mode and run the test. Hope it will work out for you, those iPods are truly great music player. When Apple announced they were not making Classic iPods any longer, However, I did add some music today and wanted to backup all the.

In between bouts of restarting, the iPod Classic would intermittently freeze completely. [ ] This was even before syncing any music on it. So we. When updating your iPhone or iPod, you must sync it up with iTunes. during the sync process, the updating and additional of files and music to the mobile device is not going to work. Add Recent Purchases How to Reset iPod Classics. Hello, I bought this iPod classic ( Gb) right when it came out. When it's plugged in, my itunes freezes up and goes does the same things as a . Once it's installed, go to add folder, and select all the music from the media.

It has a number of add-on features such as address book, alarm clock, text reader , games, photo slideshow iPod Classic; iPod Touch; iPod Nano; iPod Shuffle Apple has removed the DRM encryption from all audio files in its music catalog.

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