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How. To Get Camo On Your Combat Knife Bo2

Aug 11, You will need to use the knife this way to unlock camo. When the Combat Knife is used as the secondary weapon, it will be used faster than. So I just got gold on the combat knife yesterday and now I want I don't see any guides on it, did they not make a diamond camo on the knife:.

Mar 29, How to Get Diamond Combat Knife. Diamond Camouflage is a secret feature in Call of Duty: Black Ops II. This type of camo allows your.

I've currently got gold(took forever) Now I'm wondering how to get diamond?. Aug 24, To change the Combat Knife camouflage, go ahead and press the Tab key Make this camo fit into the ridin' dirty song as you roll over your. Jan 14, To unlock this diamond camo, a player has to unlock the gold camo for " Specials" - Assault Shield, Crossbow, Ballistic Knife, Combat Knife.

Edit: diamond camo all you have to do is get more kills with the combat knife. weapon mastery challenge and it says you unlock combat knife diamond camo.

Tactical Knife is a secondary weapon attachment, like a supressor, and Then you can run around with the knife, when you switched to secondary, and behold your camo. you can not unless you have no secondary.

ERDL - Get 40 kills with the Combat Knife (knife is held instead of a weapon). Siberia - Get Gold - Complete all Camo unlocks for the Combat Knife. Diamond .

This is probably the worst I've ever seen a combat knife in a CoD game. goes ballistic knife (I believe BO or BO2) as a 10, BO4 Combat Knife being a . Nuketown makes getting the gold camo for the knife, a LOT easier.

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