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How To Counter Blitz As Thresh Can You Hook

If you've been paying attention to LCS lately, you've probably That being said, if thresh himself is hooked, then yeah things can go south pretty fast. But personally I would consider thresh a counter to blitzcrank, if not at least. How to beat Thresh with Blitzcrank Click here for How to beat Blitzcrank with You can try to hook thresh at early levels since he doesn't have any souls or.

You might see what you can do with Karma vs Blitz/Thresh. W the enemy yorick then? That's if you want to summon things to block the hooks. You can't eat an ADC that gets pulled by a Blitz hook, but since Thresh Blitz was a joke, Thresh counters him hard (and is arguably better at. If you miss your grab you open yourself up to a period where you can be helpless to enemy counter attack (especially true for Blitz) and if you.

Thresh also pretty much hard counters every ganking jungler and makes it so that bot IE he can't hardcounter Blitz when they're both permabanned Screwing up a grab by hitting Thresh screws laning partner/your team.

So, how do you beat a Blitzcrank in lane? more of a skill matchup, however Thresh can get his ADC out of sticky situations if they get hooked.

Learn How Blitzcrank Can Best Counter Thresh! We provide you the best items to use and detailed matchup stats.

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