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Whoopi Goldberg 5 Abortions

Whoopi Goldberg speaks out on her abortions, including her first one, which was self induced by using a coat hanger, in "The Choices We. Dan Demeo5 months ago. Only thing these Hollywood people believe in is there lifestyle, they are no rules in their world they are rich.

List of Celebrities Who Had Abortions, loosely ranked by fame and popularity. Whoopi Goldberg performed an abortion on herself using a coat hanger at age. 15 Celebrities Who've Had Abortions. Photo Credit: Justin Hoch. 5. Whoopi Goldberg – It's been reported that The View co-host had six. Read the stories celebrities have shared about their abortions with the adding to the chorus of voices like Whoopi Goldberg and Jemima.

Chelsea Handler had two abortions: tells her story. Getty Images. Handler wrote about the fact WHOOPI GOLDBERG. image. Aurora Rose.

in her own words, Whoopi Goldberg speaks out on her abortions in though statistically they represent only around 5% of American and. 24 celebrities who have opened up about having abortions Jameela Jamil, Whoopi Goldberg, and Busy Philipps have spoken about their. And my female friends and colleagues told me about their abortions In , Whoopi Goldberg and Rita Moreno opened up about their abortions (in Ms. No wonder: According to one study, on television 5 percent of all.

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