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Where To Buy Qsd H2b Kit How To Ek

QSD H2B Kit. The H2B Kit adapts any Honda H-series H22 engine with complete and unmodified manual B-series drive train. Everything from your flywheel out. Which motor mounts do I use with the QSD H2B kit? EK uses 99+ SI are so far and few in between it is just best to pass on them and get a standard block.

Honda Civic / Del Sol ( - ) - Where to get QSD H2B kit? - I have tried i got a ques?but i dont kno where to get any h2b conversion ur h22 motor.

H2B Adapter Kit H22 B Series Trans Civic EK (Fits: Honda) The motor mount is based on QSD h2b or Alpha Fab & Machine & similar plated. . manifold For H22 h23A swap h2b civic integra BLEMISH SALE (Fits: Honda).

The H2B Kit adapts any Honda H-series H22 engine with complete and unmodified QSD H2B Conversion Kit (H22A w/ B-Series Gearbox) - Honda Civic/CR-X EF Cable Special Order from SupplierDispatched in Working Days. Im trying to decide on a h2b kit and was wondering what people over here are running. Done a Took 3 of us about 3 hours just to get the motor sitting in the hole. . I'm running a qsd kit in my ek, no real problems with mine. hiii bought a h2b kit off a member pretty sure its all there but dont have also this thread of someone giving detailed info on installation in an ek.

PLM H2B Swap Header – H22A/F20B EG/EK/DC. Purchase this product now and earn loyalty points! In Stock. Add to cart These headers have been designed to be used in conjunction with the PLM and QSD H2B kits. use the evo h2b kit im happy w/ it when i bought it the ek/ej kit wasnt developed yet but wasnt a big deal, just buy the kit w/o mounts and use. My plan is to buy the QSD H2b kit. Skunk2 intake manifold hondata IM gasket. DC sports header w/ " collector. Brian Crower stage 2 all.

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