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What Is Music Theory 1 Syllabus

UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA | SCHOOL OF MUSIC | Spring Syllabus. MUT Theory 1. Classes: M/T/W/F Period 2 (a) (MUB ). Instructor: Diogo . What does Music Theory Grade 1 include? Basics of notation; terms & signs; Some simple time signatures; Some major keys & scales. Download syllabus from.

Music Theory 1 Syllabus. Mr. Rexroat [email protected] Music Theory 1.

This syllabus is a guide for the course and is subject to change with or without By the end of Music Theory 1 students will cover and understand the following.

Course Description: Music Theory 1 is the first of four semesters of the music theory sequence. Topics to be covered will include: pitch, pitch class, scales, the . Theory of Music. Syllabus. Written exams Grades 1–8 from Workbooks presenting the study of musical theory in bright and practical. Music Theory 1 Syllabus. Mrs. Lauren Martin, Director of Bands. Email: [email protected] Phone: () X Listening to music is one of.

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