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Portal 2 Alt Ending To How I Met

Could that fake alternate ending possibly be real? Is there some kind of condition that, if met on the way to Wheatley's lair, would make her evil. rejoicing Portal 2 Alternate Alternate Ending. Funny thing is, I saw a youtube video that was showing the final battle in third person.

The player would then have gone on to meet six other spheres. . They eventually cut the alternate endings because they would be a lot of.

Portal 2 was released April 19, on the Steam platform. 50, years, after the events of Portal, which saw Chell destroying the sentient . be sucked out of the test chamber and die - and was an alternate game ending.

Portal 2 almost had fake endings, terrible multiplayer and no portals . While they alternate endings went over well with playtesters, they were. Imagine a Portal 2 with no GLaDOS, Chell, nor portals. They knew from the first game that it was important that the final challenge not be the. In an exclusive interview with two of Portal 2's writers, Chet Faliszek Jay: You don't want to meet GLaDOS in the second game and she has no recognition of you. When Wheatley does his heel-turn at the end he drops the comedy .. went in to creating all the alt-dialogue that most people don't hear.

Portal is a puzzle-platform video game developed and published by Valve Corporation. It was . Wolpaw, in describing the ending of Portal 2, affirmed that the Combine invasion, chronologically taking place . Robin Walker, one of Valve's developers, saw the game at the fair and later contacted the team providing them with.

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