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Mh3u How To Make Kelbi Bow

Im looking at it and it doesnt seem so spectacular. Now Playing: Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. NNID: Veluxier. MH3U Name: Reixulev. HR: 2. iam trying to see what are some good bows out and i seen alot of people bring out the kelbi bow how its really powerful or to some.

So how do I go about unlocking it? Read somewhere that I needed a high rank kelbi hide? I have carved like 50+ high rank kelbi, without a. MH3U · Weapons · Bow; Kelbi Stingshot. MHGen database is Kelbi Stingshot. Details. Bow. Rarity, 4. Attack, True Attack, Defense. Affinity. Slot, oo-. I'm not a good Bow user and was wondering about what makes it so OP. multipliers and shifting elemental weaknesses make the fixed slime.

Kelbi Stingshot (MH3U) [[Image:]] Attack Buying Cost Upgrade Cost Special ( ) Description, An extremely rare Bow made of Kelbi horns.

The kelbi bow succeeds in killing things quicker, so why the hate? They are the jho weapons of mh3u, but get so much unneeded hatred.

I made the Kelbi bow up to its final form, and I was wondering if any1 can ones but i want to hear from the community before i go and make anything. . Well, here is my Kelbi Bow Set. Looks nice and it's functional. MH3U.

So, after hearing about this weapon for so long, I decided to make one for myself. I was able to forge and upgrade it rather easily with the mats I.

I've been meaning to try out the Gunner class, and the Bow appeals the most to me. Any armor sets I should make? Kelbi bow spam pellets.

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