13.08.2019| MaxSvargal| 0 Comments

Item Not Showing In Search Ebay

Just because you've placed something up for sale doesn't mean it'll show up straightaway in the search results. Have another look in a day or two and your. Honestly, I'd almost prefer if it were showing up by category instead of keyword search, since I always seem to personally start looking for items to buy that way.

Solved: i am a newer here and once i listed a new item, i find i can not find my listed item on ebay.(the all catagories search results) but once. I put 5 days for the leadtime is just in case I need more time to prepare shipment. Is that the reason why it not showing on the search?? does it matter? thank you. I have had two separate instances of items not showing up in search results. Both were handled by tech support. 1. The most recent has been the LOCAL.

There is a list item free blitz going on and the servers may be backed up. Have you tried using Firefox? Also if your listing id is different from your selling ID .

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