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How To Cook Steamed Pot Stickers

Whichever way you like them – either pan fried and steamed or just steamed. So for the potstickers – they are cooked in a skillet with some oil. The contents are enclosed within a simple dough wrapper. Other names for potstickers are dumplings, dim-sum and gyoza. There are many ways to cook these.

Make these with round wonton or gyoza wrappers, 3 or 4 inches in diameter. Panfried until crisp on the bottom and then cooked through by steaming, they are .

Homemade Chinese potstickers with pork scallion filling. You'll Just follow the same cooking instructions in the recipe, super easy! your perfect potsticker pleats will be gorgeous when steamed and the taste is heavenly!.

It does require the use of a bamboo steamer insert for your wok or pot. It's a worthwhile investment if you do any amount of Asian cooking, and.

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