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How Much Does Ultima Gtr Cost

Meet the Evolution, Ultima's latest development of the GTR, a supercar The familiar design of the Ultima hasn't changed much with the Evolution model. these features removed should they want the Evolution as a track car only. Ultima says pricing of the Evolution remains unchanged from the GTR. The car, called the Ultima GTR, hails from the fertile race-car turf of Britain, what most race-car owners do -- he customized the Ultima to his liking. transaxle cost $38,; the LS1 engine with transaxle costs $42,

On-the-Road cost of an Ultima GTR with LS7 engine - info. as I used the excellent skills of the factory team to do a few jobs that I could not handle myself) EDITED: I had mistakenly added VAT twice on the engine costs.

Factory assembled cars are one thing but we appreciate that many The average build period for an Ultima supercar is six months (on a part time basis) but more you'll save in relation to any future shipments, which will be charged at cost.

Does Ultima have any dealers? What are the engine fitment options for the Ultima? The engine options are . How much will my Ultima cost to build? You can. Today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe Ultima is claimed in its ad to be In fact, while not explicitly stated, this super car does seem set up for the road - the very open road. miles on the car, there's probably not much wear underneath either. The seller claims the car cost over one-hundred grand to build, and. Ultima, for the uninitiated, is a British sports car maker, and it's been selling The Ultima is a tenth of Veyron money, though, and at kg, weighs half as much. the Evolution looks little different to the GTR it replaces, posh new LED lights notwithstanding. And would you dare aim for mph in one?.

The Ultima GTR is a super car manufactured by Ultima Sports Ltd of Hinckley, Leicestershire, but this is a "dry" tonnage and the bhp PS kW/tonne would be reduced once oil, coolant, gasoline, etc. are added, compared to the Ultima figures.

Ultima GTR 2-Door Coupe This Ultima GTR supercar is pure speed! from the Ultima factory* utilizing the taller 5th gear from a G50/52 - which should.

Ultima Sports has revealed its most powerful sports car to date: the Evolution. Producing as much as bhp from a supercharged litre V8, the the new Ultima produces bhp/ton; that's 98bhp more than the Koenigsegg One:1 does.

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