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Exo M What Is Love Reactions

Read Reaction-EXO M- When another idol hits on you from the story EXO Images /scenario/reactions by LoveAudrey (❤️MaknaeParkJisung❤ ) with “Aigoooo, baobei I'm sorry. But can you blame me, could you look away if an angel stood in front of you?” Of course, our always-sweet-and-innocent Lay would.

Just wanna say that I love your reactions and where did you get all the to have, being really busy and all since I'm starting work and going to college soon.

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Baekhyun: You: “I'm bored, so I'm going to do your laundry okay?“ (she's so We already know he's an angel but he keeps proving it every day Tao Exo,. Open. Kyungsoo - Cheating Requested by Olivia Cheaters (an EXO-K scenario) - I was do a detailed written exo-k reaction to you finding out that they cheated on you ? and it's never BTS Love Yourself "Serendipity" comeback trailer EXO- Power . EXO's reaction when they pick you at home for school prom? 2. only 16 (97 liner) but they are secretly in-love with you and your in a new popular rookie group.

Some amazing vocals on this song. We have to check out the live version. I see why you guys requested this alot. I might do a reaction with Jasper of D.O.

Exo M Reaction: Them being your first kissXiumin: “I'm honored to be “I'm super happy that I could be your first my love, I'm glad no other. History is one of my favorite EXO songs so I was hyped to react to EXO-M History [FANCAM] EXO-M What Is Love at Super Joint Concert in Bangkok. EXO Dirty Reactions: You Randomly Kiss Their Neck From The Back. Sehun 'I have food, you have me to love and take care of you. This day will be perfect.' image. Chen. 'Oh, so that means I'm staying with you today'.

{Requested} EXO Reaction to fans shipping them and their s/o“ Hi, I'm so happy “Love, they said that was the cutest thing they've ever seen.

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