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Drupal Get Path In Javascript What Is The Syntax

Using JavaScript adds dynamic presentation effects to a theme. In addition to custom JavaScript files many Drupal developers find jQuery. to get advice on JavaScript and jQuery: Can anyone point me to the right page or tell me the syntax for it? by using a php variable like $directory/currenttheme to get the path for the.

I need to use javascript function in Menu Links (in fact in links within Bookmark I have the following error: "The path 'myfunction('' is either invalid or you do I followed your directions, but I'm getting a syntax error.

Hi, I'm developing a theme, and I want to get the path to the current theme in a javascript function. I know that in php has $base_path which. Retrieve an array which contains the path pieces. Conditionally add css or js in certain page. function mymodule_page_build(&$page) { if (arg(0) . I find drupal 8 very cool, but the syntax is too much complicated to use. Is there a way to do this just with jQuery or javascript? Update: I realized js is not going Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_IF, expecting '{' in else { // Use $_GET here to retrieve the original path in source form. $path.

Drupal uses a high-level principle: assets (CSS or JS) are still only loaded if you tell Drupal it should load them. Drupal does not load all assets.

Note that these external JavaScript references do not get aggregated when ' external': The absolute path to an external JavaScript file that is not hosted on the local .. file should not include them - not just ones that use the jQuery syntax. First of all you need to call drupal_add_js() with a 'settings' parameter. This will inform your gs javascript namespace about the. I have seen this code drupal_add_js('path/to/') at Managing JavaScript in Drupal 7 | , but it seems that is not for use on.

Adding JS adds dynamic presentation effects to a theme for a better user experience.

Drupal 8 revolutionizes the theming experience with many significant improvements The path, relative to the root of the theme, is used to identify the file. the CSS and JS files will only get added when a node is rendered. Syntax. pathinfo(path,options). Parameter, Description. path, Required. Specifies the path to check. options, Optional. Specifies which array elements to return. toLowerCase(); grammar = ges[language]; } // Set language on the element, .. false); } return _; } //Get current script and highlight var script = document. with in Drupal Please note that the tutorials listed here . path.

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