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Whoever Vs Whomever Possessive Pronoun

To determine whether to use whoever or whomever, last week's be whomever, an object pronoun, since you'd say Give it to her or Give it to them. That would assume that “you hire” is a contact clause/relative clause. It's sometimes hard to tell when to use whoever vs. whomever. The former is a subject pronoun, while the latter is an object pronoun.

Choosing whoever or whomever can be easy. Whomever is an object pronoun and works like the pronouns him, her, and them (Give the document to whomever .

Because the object of the preposition on is not **whomever*, which is wrong, but rather the entire clause whoever runs its computer, in which. The first thing to know about 'whoever' and 'whomever' is that they are part of a class of words called relative pronouns. You might already know that pronouns. If you're unsure of the correct word, choose “whoever”; even when the objective If it's intended as a possessive form, it's wrong for “whosever”; if it's “whomever” looks like an object of a preposition or verb, but in fact it's.

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