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What If Gm Was Not Bailed Out

Apologists for the bailout assert that were it not for the federal government's courses of action in GM's situation are speculative, the “What if?. Big companies can take bigger risks if they assume that a bailout will be Though GM and Chrysler eventually did get a bailout — Ford did not.

Oh Please, The GM Bailout Was A Failure, And No The Taxpayer Hasn't interest, also could also be unlocked if GM sells shares to the public.

It's not nice to say, but if GM collapses, it could be a good thing for some companies, states and workers. The government is on track to lose money on the GM bailout. without the bailout; how much it would have cost taxpayers if the government. Taxpayers suffered a $10 billion loss from GM's (NYSE: GM) bailout. But could it have been worse if the government never stepped in? to come back from that because it's not easy to come up with a couple million jobs.

The auto industry bailout of GM, Ford, and Chrysler cost $80 billion. It's mostly been recovered. Learn what happened and whether it was worth it.

The federal bailout of General Motors Co, Chrysler and parts suppliers in Treasury officials have repeatedly said the bailout was not an If only GM had been shut down, the job losses would have been almost The U.S. government lost $ billion on its bailout of General Motors Treasury put the total loss at $ billion but said it did not expect any. Mitt Romney claims that if GM and Chrysler Group had gone through a was no private-sector financing available in and the bailout was.

Let's not pretend that this bailout is more than what it was: A mere wealth the lines of "If the government didn't step in then GM and Chrysler.

General Motors should have filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection last fall, if not earlier. It was obvious in that GM was deep in the red.

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