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What Does Mugga On The Beat Mean

Said at the beginning of almost every song that DJ Mustard makes the beats for. Examples are: "I'm Different" by Top definition. mustard on the beatunknown. "Mustard on the beat" usually refers to the fact that the beat (the instrumental track to which the artist is rapping over) was constructed and.

Get a mustard on the beat mug for your boyfriend Bob. «Mugga» Eucalyptus sideroxylon, or Mugga, Red Ironbark or Mugga Ironbark, is a WHAT DOES MUGGA. «Mugga» Eucalyptus sideroxylon, or Mugga, Red Ironbark or Mugga Ironbark, is a WHAT DOES MUGGA MEAN IN ENGLISH? . mugga on the beat meaning. Sounds like a drop. In this case the producers name would be "mutha" ; if you got the name right.

Dijon Isaiah McFarlane (born June 5, ), known professionally as Mustard ( formerly DJ "I started making beats for YG; he was one the first people to do my beats. I started with him, so for us to do a mixtape was easy. We created this.

I mean his beats aren't THAT great. Popularity does not equal quality - If it did, Hitler would never have been democratically voted into office.

Taylor on the beat Real niggas stand up It's holiday season, bitch Whole water, you undercover I'ma mean-mugga, a nigga hoe up from the show up And stick the R.I.P. Freaky R.I.P. Mugga We gon' do it for y'all I don't understand these. I cried; I mean real tears came to my eyes. “You mean mugga, man. still a teenager she had left her dad, who continually abused her, beat her, raped her. Rap Release of the Week: GrandeMarshall's 'Mugga Man' See what he did there? The beat, which is Burt Bacharach-lush, takes a breather before a guest Stream A.G. Cook's Tweaked-Out New Single, 'What I Mean'.

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