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What Are The Windows Versions In Order

This page lists and links to information on the various versions of Microsoft Windows, a major computer operating system developed by Microsoft. Microsoft Windows was announced by Bill Gates on November 10, Microsoft introduced Windows as a graphical user interface for MS-DOS, which had.

In Microsoft released Windows , which was designed for the designed for the Intel processor. This version added desktop icons.

Following is a brief summary of the client versions of Windows (a user's PC running Windows). For more on the server versions, see Windows Server Below is a listing of each version of Microsoft Windows and their associated versions in the order they were released. Knowing the version of. The Version API Helper functions are used to determine the version of the operating system that is currently running. For more information, see.

Windows OS, computer operating system (OS) developed by Microsoft Corporation to run personal computers (PCs). Featuring the first graphical user interface. Windows also released its next two mini-versions Windows/ and MS- DOS, so users had to get MS-DOS, in order to run Windows Have you ever wondered what other versions of Windows came before that and how Windows got to where it is today? Here is the history of.

Take a stroll down memory lane and look back on the five most important Windows releases to date. No, Windows Me is not one of them. But when it comes to buying the actual product, there will be seven different versions, Microsoft says in a blog post. Here they are: Windows Here we rank and rate the 10 best and worst versions of Windows in order of best to worst. Just for fun. (And if the fun gets too much, read our.

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