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The Listener What Happened To Toby Mother

Maya is the mother of Toby Logan. It is unknown what her last name is due her being constantly being seen in flashbacks. Contents[show] Background It is. When he was five years old, Toby (then named William, last name unknown), his mother Maya, and his newborn brother escaped from a place or organization.

And that is the way The Listener ends–not with a bang but a whimper. Because that's what happens when you have a guy who can read minds Tia continued to try and track down Toby's mom while Oz found himself in a. Outside the office offered more as Tia, taking advantage of Dev's open computer, finally found Toby's missing mother only to be misled into. Maya is the mother of Toby Logan. It is unknown if she was married or not, or whose's Toby's father was. When she realized that Toby might be in danger, she .

The Listener is a Canadian fantasy drama created by Michael Amo. The series stars Craig Olejnik as Toby Logan, a paramedic with telepathic . Rather than try to discover what has happened to his mother and to learn more about his psychic .

The Listener is a Canadian science fiction drama set in Toronto about a young paramedic named Toby Logan (Craig Olejnik) with . Attempting to find out what happened, Toby reads his mind and sees an image of a beautiful young woman. Marks and the disappearance of his mother, Toby decides to help when a woman.

"The Listener" I'm an Adult Now (TV Episode ) on IMDb: Plot summary, Toby says that only happens in the movies and of course the car immediately blows up. explodes and a woman (Tobys mother) is telling him "Your name is Toby!.

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