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How To Turn Off Caps Lock Notification In Windows 7

Whenever I capitalize a letter, I click caps lock. It's just how I type it's much easier for me LA · Lara13 Created on January 7, Is there a way to turn off the on screen notification that CAPS lock is being turned on and off? I've looked. I am NOT trying to turn off the Caps Lock function, just the annoying display. does not exist in my completely up-to-date version of Windows 7.

This topic describes how to turn off the Capslock or number lock indicator (on screen display). The steps differ by Windows 10; Windows , 8; Windows 7.

So my keyboard locked up today when I unplugged my phone and I was forced to reboot. Upon rebooting I found this very annoying notification. Enable caps lock notification. In Windows 10/8/7, you can set it so that a warning tone is heard when you press the Caps Lock, Num Lock or. Steps to disable padlock capslock/numlock notification sign: Next to Configure for label choose "Windows 7, Windows Server R2"; Now.

It's a utility put on by Sager named the "Hot Key Utility". Go get a newer version from them, and hopefully it doesn't cause applications to lose.

Of all the keys on your keyboard, you probably use caps lock the least. Here's how to turn it on in Windows 7, 8, and Iviewgle. 22K subscribers. Subscribe · How to Turn on Caps Lock Indicator in Windows 10 [Sound] enable a shortcut: just hold the num lock key for five seconds to quickly enable or disable the tone.

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