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How To Hide Bruise On Face

To ensure good coverage of a bruise, start by applying a layer of concealer. Choose a concealer. Learning what makeup to cover bruises hasn't exactly been a necessity in as just slapping some foundation on your leg instead of your face.

Wash and cleanse your face. Effectively hiding or concealing bruises and discoloration begins with a clean face. Apply colored concealer, covering the bruised.

Beauty Editor Tips and Tricks to Cover That Nasty Bruise (Because You Know You'll I'm talking hit in the face with a tennis ball like this chick.

To cover a bruise, use opposite colors on the color wheel. Thus a OEDO Gold Remove Blackhead Remover Mask Facial Moisturizing Cream Blackhead Mask, .

Have a bruise, cut, or scar you need to get rid of? someone's nail or a blunt object has managed to hit your face or another part of your body.

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