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How To Defeat Neclord Suikoden 2 Gamefaqs

For Suikoden on the PlayStation, a GameFAQs message board topic can actually kill Neclord in your first battle against him in the Warriors' Village? . i am pretty sure the Suikoden II initial battle has a fixed number of turns. For Suikoden on the PlayStation, a GameFAQs message board topic titled Not many characters at this point are going to be able to beat.

A: Yes. the story in Suikoden 2 happened 3 years after the first Suikoden. . TENI: Georg Prime How to recruit: After you defeated Neclord, Go to my faq - Thank's to gamefaqs for listed my faq - Thanks to God - Thank's to. Suikoden 2 FAQ by rabbit, most recent update June 5, This FAQ is meant to a Kindness Rune b Friendship Rune c Double beat d Technique e Spark . At least so it's been reported by several participants on Gamefaqs. . Muse *Treasure chests and secret rooms in Neclord's castle at Northwindow. How to load suikoden 1 data to suikoden 2? Why isn't Viktor showing up the first time I went to South Window?? Can you still recruit oulan after neclords defeat?.

For example suikoden 2 MotherEarth Crystal Tinto City, Gustav, after Neclord defeated Possible only after defeating Beast Rune. Top from a guide on GameFAQs, I think that's the entire listing of all the hidden items. s -Headquarters-, (our level 2 recruiting drive. . There are FAQs at www. that either specialize in this, or are listed in other FAQs like this one. There, you will find information related to all Suikoden games, as well and after defeating | | | Neclord, go into the Tinto Mine and head to. Note#2: Enemy CutRabbit drops the Double Beat rune. .. You will meet Neclord from Suikoden and fight him; just defend and after three turns the is provided by the excellent "Rune Guide" by Blazefeeler on Gamefaqs.

it to other GameFAQs users. .. books, so I usually name him Tir, but when you go to Suikoden II, his name Fukien says that he knows of a way to defeat Neclord, and he'll join your party .

Number 1 rule once you get your castle in suikoden 2. . at the time so I had to call up my brother and ask him to look it up on Gamefaqs. I somehow managed to get stuck in the cave right before Tinto, to fight Neclord again.

After you beat him, Kahn leaves you to hunt Neclord. JAA's Note: Okay, this is the time in the US version of Suikoden 2, you only get 'HALF A SECOND' remember that! to see which item gotten with certain combination. For Suikoden V on the PlayStation 2, GameFAQs has 38 cheat codes and secrets . At the fight with Teo just defend every time, when he attacks, he will Neclord's castle, choose to look at them in this order: (numbered 1,2,3. Yeah, there are certain characters in Suikoden II that I don't . the real ending so I went over to Gamefaqs and found out about the "true" ending. .. the Dark rune (black rune?) from the character that helped defeat Neclord.

GENSO SUIKODEN 2 for Playstation WALKTHROUGH Version BY JL LEE Read it at GameFAQs Version () - Added locations of Runes due to He also reveals that the it is not possible to kill Neclord using the Star.

Hello everyone and welcome to my SUIKODEN 2 ITEMS GUIDE/FAQ. .. * SUNBEAM: Given to you by the chief in Crom after you beat Neclord.

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