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Countries Where There Are No Spiders

Seems like Antarctica is your best bet. The lack of dots in Siberia and Central and North Africa are just lack of data, spiders are found there. Aside from the sticky webs employed by some species, different varieties use various strategies to capture their invertebrate prey, including stalking, jumping and fishing. Trying to avoid spiders in areas where humans typically live is nearly impossible; they only places spiders.

There are only a handful of locations on earth where spiders cannot be found. Among these areas are the world's oceans (though some spiders have adapted to life on shorelines and shallow bodies Are There Any Places Without Spiders ?. im thinking about moving from australia to another country(maybe america) just to get There are not many spiders here in Iceland, you can encounter them in the summer I didn't notice a big number when i lived there not a 'world high'. Spiders are common throughout the world outside of the arctic regions. The British Isles come to mind as a place that doesn't have any.

Spiders live in every country on earth, and in every habitat apart from the sea. The UK Too cold for spiders there. No dangerous spiders.

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