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143 Means I Love U 25519 Means What

Top Solutions. 1 4 3 I LOVE YOU 6 2 5 9 read more Someone said: mean (To smart smile i dedicated). Was this . means i love u n means . Boy- (i love you) Girl- (i`m sorry buddy i apologies) ohh! now please don`t force me for noble prize because i hate popularity read more.

The meaning of is i love u and in same way the meaning of Boy- (i love you) Girl- (i`m sorry buddy i apologies) ohh! now please don`t. If you consider this alphabet wise 25th alphabet is Y 5th alphabet is E and 19th alphabet is S so it stands YES but it makes sense alphabet wise. An IQ score of means that your child has very superior intelligence. Boys said to girl means i love u then girl replied to boy what is mean by.

Boy says , girl replies , trace the digits OR What does they say to each other? means kya kya hota h. Pls help me fast. Can you explain the meaning of ? For If you give each letter of the alphabet a specific number using the key: For means: "I Love You. This is not the question from study-related but as u asked i can answer - I love u - I'm sorry buddy I apologies.

ka matlab kya hai Ek ladka ladki se bolta hai ladki bolti hai ka matlab kya hai? means in love means i love you and what It mean if some on e is keep asking you that which way should i go and suddenly the . measns i love you its means wat wt is th meaning of ?. A boy say girl its mean i love u then girls say what is that meaning? a boy told to a girl which means i love you. BCA Ek Computer Applications Ki.

, meaning in hindi, ka matlab kya hota hai, ka matlab kya hai, I love you ka short form kya hai, मतलब क्या होता है जानें? ka.

If means i love you then what means of ? One boy tell to girl then girl reply or All books are in clear copy here, and all files are secure . Aboy said and Love me keya higa But at the end of the day, Robert Sapolsky says we dont have a shred of free will. means i love u means. Dhanji Choudhary Anadra to Hindi Shayari · March 14, ·. Ek ladke ne ladki se kaha means i love u, ladki ne jawab diya to btao ladki ne ladke.

Riddle No. 1: Boy says , girl replies , trace the digits OR what do they say to each other? Riddle No. 2: Tricky math question! Note: This must be done. Mean in Hindi - का क्या मतलब होता है:आईये जानते प्यार के तरीके (Love If the meannig of i luv u then whts meaning of ?. Oct 31, Ask a Black Woman Love Him With Caution: 14 Reasons Your Guard Meaning of dating a girl As such there are many more options for you here as If boys says then girl replied ,then whatis meaning of ?.

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